What´s the story behind?

We are happy, even very proud, when we look back on the successfull cooperation start between Shanghai ZMART Instrument & Technology Co.Ltd. (ZMART) and Richard Gruber GmbH (RG).

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Success Story

September 2022

First meeting and sounding out of co-operation ideas

January 2023

Development of a joint ZMART & RG strategy

March 2023​

Start of the operative cooperation

May 2023​

Beginning of the empowering processes by RG

June 2023

Equipping the ZMART training rooms in Shanghai

August 2023

Education of the first trainers for Chinese market

October 2023​

Evaluation and certification of the ZMART trainers by VQWS e.V.

November 2023​

Starting the first joint ZMART-RG-projects in qualification and technical services


Richard Gruber GmbH empowers its cooperation partners to offer state-of-the-art training services with a professional team of trainers, modern training equipment and innovative training methods.

RG Empowering by “magic seven”

RG Empowering


State of the art

Why shall we qualify?

Product Liability (State of the art)

“If someone is killed, their body or health is injured or property is damaged as a result of a product defect, the manufacturer of the product is obliged to compensate the injured party for the resulting damage…” 

“Liability does not apply if the manufacturer has acted in accordance with the State of the Art, synonymous with current state of science and technology…”


This standard is according the “state of the art” and deals with the systematic and needsbased qualification of personnel in the field of fastening technology.

Qualification Modules

In order to ensure that individuals (human parameter) in the field of fastening technology have the requisite expertise (fault detection, error prevention), the present standard lays down the necessary minimum requirements regarding training and knowledge (competence). Therefore competences and skills whose content is clearly demarcated in 52 different qualification modules, e.g. Q6 Calculation of a bolted joint (construction ingeneers), Q12 Test execution and interpretation (laboratory technician), Q23 Performance of a machine capability test (test technicians), Q36 Tightening process (series assembly workers), Q46 Purchasing of tightening tools as well as measurement and testing equipment (purchasers), Q52 Management of employees (supervisors)


What´s the best way to qualify?

Our service and consulting activities for you right from the start. As first we support and stand by to identify your individual skills. In this way, your training, further education or personal qualification is systematically and precisely customized to you.


“Which skills should I develop according to my current responsibilities, activities and tasks in the company?”

Knowledge Test

“Which previous knowledge do I already have, based on my school and professional training as well as practical experience?”


“Which training and learning methods fit best to my qualification, to my professional learning environment and to my company?”


“What expertise after training would I like to verify, through an oral, written or practical review?”

Training Methods

Which learning methodes are available?

Presence Training

These learning units are offered  as individual arranged training sessions and can take place on your site, as in-house training, as well as in our training center (Seminarhaus Gruber), which offers a creative learning environment, far away from the daily business.

Training On The Job

You will be assisted by a certified, experienced trainer who will support you in your daily processes of action and decision-making. In the process, you obtain valuable tips that can be add to your theoretical knowledge transfering them into your professional practice.

Web Based Training

For self-taught learning, entertaining, audio-visual learning units are provided on your or our online platform. This form of learning offers you versatile and almost limitless learning opportunities – free of space and time.

Live Online Training

These learning sessions take place via live streaming from our modern sound and video studio, which enables the use of immersive technologies. A certified trainer guides you interactively through the training. This means you are right in the middle of the action instead of just passive watching.

Train the Trainer

How can the expertise or trainers be ensured?


Many of our customers have already been inspired by our very successful “Train The Trainer” programs. These trainings are designed to build up and pass on expertise within your company in a sustainable manner. In the process, your experts would be trained and certified as trainers for a defined area of expertise. These internal trainers then give the knowledge based on a standardized trainer’s guide in a targeted and timely manner flexibly to your employees.

VQWS Certification

After the “Train the Trainer” education, your experts would be well prepared for voluntary subsequent certification as trainers for a defined area of expertise.

Trainer Tools

Which tools perfect the trainers job?

Tightening Trainig Station (TTS)

As more practical examples and physical experiments are used, the knowledge transfer in technical trainings becomes more tangible and efficient. We have developed a sophisticated learning station. (TTS Tightening Training Station) for this purpose. Together with an interactive trainer guide (TTG Tightening Trainer Guide), we are able to guarantee a demand-oriented qualifcation in fastening technology at the highest quality level in compliance with worldwide standards of qualification.

Tightening Trainer Guide (TTG)

Together with an interactive trainer guide, we are able to guarantee a demand-oriented qualification in fastening technology at the highest quality level in compliance with worldwide standards of qualification.

Training Portfolio

Which trainings can we offer?

Digital Training Center (DTC-Live)

Our digital training center (DTC Digital Training Center) is the result of a smart combination and audio-visual digitalisation of seven components of classical and modern educational methods. By using immersive technologies, we bring together theory and practice, simulation and reality, face-to-face and online training in an outstanding way. The complete system is stationary, but also ready for use as a mobile system in just a few minutes. Whether for technical briefing, group training or international know-how exchange – this is how people communicate, analyse and train today.

Digital Training Center (DTC-Online)

On request, we can provide you with the corresponding autodidactic, digital training courses on our LMS online platform. You decide when and in which corporate identity design your employees should take part in the appropriate training. We are there for you, at any time and always CI-compliant!

Training Catalogue

We offer you different conventional as well as digital methods and formats for technical training, to support you in reaching the levels of competence “Knowledge, Ability or Mastery”.
In our catalogue surely you will find the perfect match according to your training needs.

ISO 9001

Die Richard Gruber GmbH hat ein nach ISO 9001 zertifiziertes Managementsystem für Entwicklung, Vertrieb und Durchführung von Präsenz- und Online-Lerndienstleistungen sowie Analyse- und Auditleistungen im Bereich der industriellen Verbindungstechnik; Aufbau und Auditierung von international zertifizierbaren und akkreditierbaren Managementsystemen sowie damit in Verbindung stehende Lerndienstleistungen; Bereitstellung von Lernumgebungen (Seminarhaus und Trainingszentrum)

Kompetenzstufe, in der Personen in der Lage sind, weitgehend selbst organisiert und intuitiv Probleme zu antizipieren, neue Lösungswege zu finden. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]
Fähigkeit, Kenntnisse anzuwenden und Know-how einzusetzen, um Aufgaben auszuführen und Probleme zu lösen. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]

Anmerkung: Im Europäischen Qualifikationsrahmen werden Fertigkeiten als kognitive Fertigkeiten (logisches, intuitives und kreatives Denken) und praktische Fertigkeiten (Geschicklichkeit und Verwendung von Methoden, Materialien, Werkzeugen und Instrumenten) beschrieben.

Kompetenzstufe, durch die Personen über theoretisches Wissen mit geringer Anwendungserfahrung verfügen und in der Lage sind, vorstrukturierte Problemlösungen aus der Theorie auf praktische Fragestellungen anzuwenden. [VDI/VDE 2627-1]
Ergebnis der Verarbeitung von Information durch Lernen. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]

Anmerkung: Kenntnisse bezeichnen die Gesamtheit der Fakten, Grundsätze, Theorien und Praxis in einem Arbeits- oder Lernbereich.

Nachgewiesene Fähigkeit, Kenntnisse, Fertigkeiten sowie persönliche, soziale und methodische Fähigkeiten in Arbeits- oder Lernsituationen und für die berufliche und/oder persönliche Entwicklung zu nutzen. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]
Kompetenzstufe, in der Personen vielfache Anwendungserfahrung haben und auch auf neue, unvorhergesehene Situationen adäquat reagieren können. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]
Formales Ergebnis eines Beurteilungs- und Validierungsprozesses, bei dem eine dafür zuständige Stelle festgestellt hat, dass die Lernergebnisse einer Person vorgegebenen Standards entsprechen. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]
Gesamtheit von Kompetenzen und Fertigkeiten, die für einen Beruf, eine Position oder eine Tätigkeit als notwendig erachtet werden. [VDI/VDE 2637-1]

Anmerkung: Ein Qualifikationsprofil enthält mindestens einen Qualifikationsbaustein, in der Regel jedoch mehrere.